Cathedral Yorkstone


Reclaimed Cathedral Grade Yorkstone paving is the premier grade of slabs. We personally ensure that this much beloved material is responsibly sourced from cathedrals and churches, following respected codes of conduct.

Decades of wear leaves these flags with a smooth surface finish that simply can’t be replicated. Rather than deteriorating the stone, this wear improves the quality and enriches the natural colours, resulting in a highly regarded material.

Cathedral Grade Yorkstone for Landscape Designers and High End Property Developers

Our carefully selected reclaimed Cathedral Yorkstone paving is suitable for exterior use. It is the ideal material for hard landscaping in the private gardens and courtyards of exclusive developments. The distinguished appearance of Yorkstone provides the ideal platform for sculptures, fountains and other key features that attract the viewer’s eye.

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As a luxury material, reclaimed Cathedral Yorkstone paving offers a stunning contrast with planted borders, whilst complementing contemporary architectural design.

It has been used to provide a seamless connection between orangeries, conservatories and open plan kitchens with the outside space. If your project demands a superior finish, it is worth investing in Catherdral Yorkstone. It is the most expensive option in the York Stone range, but the historic significance and years of natural wear simply can’t be replicated.

This stone will instantly deliver a timeless sophistication and its classic appeal will not diminish over time.

Yorkstone for Interior Designers and Architects

Reclaimed Cathedral Yorkstone paving is also desirable for interior use. The flags give a classic look to restaurants, entrance halls, kitchens and conservatories in public buildings, commercial developments and residential properties.

Biophillic design is at the forefront for interior trends. A key component of biophillic design is the use of natural materials and forms. The use of natural materials delivers a classic look that will always look refined. In addition to creating a harmonious finish, this is a strong, practical material that will continue to improve with age and wear.

If you are considering reclaimed Cathedral Yorkstone paving in your interior design let us know. We will select thinner, even flags that simplify installation, maximise space and are suitable for use with underfloor heating.

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