New Riven Yorkstone


The wear and weathering of reclaimed Yorkstone is highly prized, but as a finite resource, it also demands a high price. New Riven Yorkstone paving is a more affordable alternative.

It is the same material, just younger. Whilst it lacks the instant impact of reclaimed Yorkstone, there is no doubt that it will come into its own after a few years.

Traditional riven flags were handcrafted, with hand cut edges. This is the technique that our Cotswolds based team still use today. Our craftsmen usually cut the riven flagstones to 600mm widths, with no standard length, although alternative dimensions can be cut to order.

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New Riven Yorkstone offers a high quality finish without the costs associated with reclaimed Yorkstone.

New Riven Yorkstone for Property Developers

New Riven Yorkstone paving is a durable and attractive stone. It is used for the residential driveways and patios, as well as the entrances to commercial properties. Its natural properties make it both visually appealing and long lasting.

Our bespoke cutting service makes New Riven Yorkstone paving suitable for areas where exacting dimensions are a priority.

This is another advantage over reclaimed stones, which are only supplied in standard dimensions. Our specialist team are willing to provide onsite consultancy and prepare set out schemes to aid planning. This will ensure you purchase exactly what is required for your specific project. We are also on hand to lay New Riven York Stone.

New Riven Yorkstone for Hard Landscaping

Riven Yorkstone paving has a natural and variable texture which is highly desired and widely used in private and public settings. The stones are popular for use in garden and park landscaping, pedestrian routes and canalside walkways.

If you would prefer to reduce the surface texture, we can supply a self-faced smooth finish. Either way, the changing tones of the stone will be visible in the flags. This organic design is integral to the appeal of York Stone and in no way compromises the durability of the material.

Interested in New Riven Yorkstone ?

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