The Ideal Solution

Reclaimed Yorkstone can be the ideal solution for kitchens, restaurants and entrance halls, as well as patios, driveways and courtyards.

When cathedrals, churches, gardens or private homeowners permit us to remove unwanted stone, we take considerable care to minimise any damage. After careful inspection, we grade the stone. Ranging from a light buff to darker grey, reclaimed Yorkstone includes colour variations. In addition to colour, the texture ranges from a rough ‘Riven’ Yorkstone to a smooth ‘Cathedral’ Yorkstone and the thickness of the stone also varies.

We store large supplies in our Gloucestershire yard, so no matter what grade you are looking for, we have an available supply when you need it. Read below to learn more reasons to consider Reclaimed Yorkstone for your project.



Improved over Time

Some things get better with age and this certainly applies to Yorkstone. The natural sandstone rock is extremely durable and many of the pieces we’ve sourced are over 100 years old. Over this time, they have been well worn and weathered. This transforms the surface texture from a rough to smooth finish and really brings out the colours in the stone.

Authentic Finish

Reclaimed Yorkstone instantly adds an authentic look to period properties. It is ideal when making repairs to existing Yorkstone features, as it will blend in from day one; no need to wait for it to be weathered. It can also fulfil the requirement for ‘like for like’ replacements in conservation areas, which have to adhere to strict planning regulations.



Reclaimed Yorkstone Provides Instant Character

Architects are also keen to use reclaimed York Stone on new builds. When laid, they immediately add highly desirable character to the property and a quality finish. Their use can be valuable when the aim is to build a property that is in keeping with the local area. They also complement contemporary architectural design.

Environmentally Beneficial

The use of reclaimed materials also has a positive environmental impact. This enduring material can last for centuries, so it makes sense to reuse it time and again. In environmental terms, reclamation is favourable to sourcing fresh supplies from stone quarries.

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Far more than a Yorkstone supplier

The intended use and project budget will determine which of our Yorkstone range is most suited to your requirements. Get in touch, our Cotswolds based team are more than happy to listen to your brief and help you to make an informed decision.