Standard York Stone


When reclaiming Standard Yorkstone stone, some pieces will be less regular in colour, texture or thickness.

They may come from areas with lower footfall, or greater protection from the elements, than premium grade pieces. This variation in no way diminishes the visual appearance or strength of the stone.

These variable reclaimed flags are known as reclaimed Standard Yorkstone. As with all of our stone paving supplies, we ensure they are responsibly sourced in accordance with respected codes of practice.

The rugged appearance of reclaimed Standard Yorkstone makes it ideal for adding character to exterior settings. Contact us today to discuss your project. Browse our full rank of stone products and services on our sister site here.

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Reclaimed Standard Yorkstone is an enduring and visually attractive product. Its natural properties give it superiority over many other building materials.

Yorkstone for Hard Landscaping in Garden Design

The main compromise is that the disparity in flags will demand more work when it comes to preparing the site and laying the stones. By investing in planning and expert installation by our Gloucestershire based team, the end result will still be impressive and long lasting.

Benefits of Yorkstone in Gardens and Parks

In certain situations, the irregularity of reclaimed Standard Yorkstone is preferred to other grades. The rougher, textured finish of some flags can be ideal for garden paving and walkways. Unlike the smooth Cathedral grade, Standard grade paving is less prone to becoming slippery when leaves and other organic matter lay on the surface. If you are looking for authentic rustic charm, this really is the ideal option.

Reclaimed Standard Yorkstone is a cost effective option if you are looking for a quality paving solution. It offers the sought after finish that is only achieved with natural weathering, without the premium price tag. We hold a large stock in our Gloucestershire yard and can readily meet the requirements of your project.

Yorkstone Cut to Standard Sizes

Reclaimed Yorkstone comes in a variety of predetermined sizes. We aim to accommodate the requirements of your project, but this isn’t always possible. If you are looking for specific dimensions, we recommend Riven or Sawn Yorkstone, cut to standard or bespoke sizes.

Interested in Standard Yorkstone ?

Please get in touch for expert advice regarding reclaimed Standard Yorkstone services. We are also able to provide you with samples on request.